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Hard Lines and Shadows, Sprinkling of Words
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On tiptoes stretching, reaching into trash bins for the blue that opens the air

Fingers touch intentions that frees thought from the body

Numbness and suppression yields to skinned knee memories

Erasing scars for a moment, a lived moment, a moment that matters

Replaced with the touch of smoothness

Crushed lungs never need air

The savage glare of whirring blades above- dissipates

Flowers crossed with human desire wake up and dance in the breeze

Fruit sweetens the rush of blood

Felt only never, until now, pure intention that smothers a world of casualty

Children almost play in the choking ash of burned dreams

Muddy dirty colors, close to black

The sun breaks through the clouds of rubble and destruction

for a moment, the moment that matters

The air is clear and the blue flowers bloom


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