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I never made a conscious choice to be an artist. The impulse to draw and create has always been as natural as breathing. Art is not about conformity, absoluteness, or yielding to authority. Art is about visual expression and communication. It's a creative adventure, courting the unexpected, filled with surprises.

I hate the artist statement. I could write about the allure and pleasure of the dance in creating art. I could write about visual thinking, movement, color, light, or the emotional interaction. Blah, blah, blah.

“Writing about Art is like Dancing about Architecture” -Frank Zappa

Why say anything; shouldn’t art speak for itself? I don't believe I need to explain the art you’ll see in the galleries. My art is visual, not verbal and it should never match your couch. You can hate it or love it. It doesn’t matter to me what you think. What matters is that for a moment in time you step out of your perfect state of sensory deprivation and embrace your reality with all of your senses and all that you are. If the images speak to you then your feelings, interpretations, and experiences are all that matter.


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